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“In the summer of 1982 in Truro, Massachusetts, I photographed a group of nude young women holding large fish. The resulting images had a mythic and enigmatic quality, which I never quite understood. I continued photographing women and fish during the early eighties. These became the subject of some of my paintings.

Over time these photographs never lost their mystery and appeal. More than twenty years later, the artist Sarah Bereza saw the photos and was similarly captivated. We decided to join forces to produce a book.. She scoured the city for models while I made regular trips to Chinatown for blue fish. Photo sessions took place in apartments, stairways, streets, parks, parties, beaches, even the Brooklyn Bridge. These photos were collected in the book to have and to be published by Buchhandlung Walther König in 2006.”

-Gary Kuehn

The book to have and do be is available through Buchhandlung Walther König.

For inquiries please contact: tohaveandtobe@gmail.com

Gary Kuehn is an internationally known artist working in New York City and Truro, Massachusetts.

Sarah Bereza is an emerging artist based in New York City.